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Bahías de Huatulco Attractions

To speak of Huatulco is to the evoke the beauty of its nine bays, which are home to 36 paradisiacal beaches surrounded by lush vegetation, bathed by crystal clear waters and a sun that you have decided to live in the place most of the year. Huatulco Bays offers natural scenery and invites you to do alternative tourism, extreme sports and ecotourism activities.

With the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur in the background, its 36 beaches create this paradise isolated from the rest of the world by 21,000 hectares of lush vegetation.

All over Huatulco you can do a lot of activities such as: river rafting, watersports, motorcycle and horse ridingtours, etc. But if you like to relax, the best thing you can do is visit the majestic 18-hole golf course, located in the midst of a totally natural environment, which has lakes, sand traps and the 15th hole on the seashore, making it one of the best courses in all of Mexico.

Huatulco is also a land of music festivals and international events such as the International Festival of Sea Music and the Huatulco Half Ironman Triathlon.


The best way to get to know the natural beauty of Huatulco is by boat, visiting the main bays: Santa Cruz, The Organ, Maguey, Cacaluta and Chachacual. On the way you will see the most striking natural attractions of the destination: the Bufadero, the rocky formation of "La Cara de Piedra", Roca Blanca and the heart of Cacaluta.


Visiting the Turtle Museum in Mazunte is an opportunity not to be missed, it is located an hour and half from Huatulco, this place offers its visitors to complete aquarium of marine life, in addition to serving as a hatchery, making the festival of the turtle, here is an unforgettable experience as visitors can take the turtles and deposit them in the sea.


The Crucecita is located in the center of the Huatulco Bays, here tourists gather to enjoy a pleasant day, either with family or friends, who can enjoy the typical food of the region, in addition to relaxing at sunset in its beautiful square , The main square of Huatulco. La Crucecita is surrounded by the church, craft shops, boutiques and restaurants.