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Tangolunda Bay

Opposite the bay is the small but varied hotel corridor of Tangolunda, where you can find from luxury accommodations to more moderately priced establishments.

The cove has 5 beaches and it is ideal to stay in one of the hotels that have them reserved for the enjoyment of their guests. But if you do not settle in one of these lodgings, on the main beach, which has the same name as the bay, there is a public sector for public use.

The Manzanilla, Ventura and Tornillo are three beaches with soft waves and white sand, so they are recommended for the whole family. They are small and cozy, the perfect place to lie in the sun and enjoy a relaxing time.

They are also suitable for practicing your favorite entertainments, such as scubadiving and sailing or kayaking. In the hotels you can rent your equipment for scuba diving or to "go to sea" and receive assistance from specialized personnel. Tasty Corner is a beach with some waves at one end.

In the restaurants of Tangolunda you can enjoy the rich Oaxacan culinary art of the sea, but you can taste the typical food and drinks of the interior of the state, such as yolk bread, chocolate chili and mezcal with chapulines.