Maguey and El organo Bays

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Maguey and El Órgano Bays

These are two bays that are practically connected. Each of them has only one beach, the Organ beach and the Maguey beach, both of which have white, fine-grained sand.

The water is warm, green and blue in color. The predominant vegetation is mangrove, guanacaxtle, macuil and guayacán; The wildlife is composed of waterfowl such as seagulls, earwigs, diving ducks, and fish such as marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, roosterfish, etc.

Less frequently and among the lowland jungle are wild birds, vultures, chachalacas, andapiés, quails, pigeons, turtledoves, there are also some species such as badger, armadillo, skunk, raccoon, porcupine, rabbit, wild boarand deer.

El organo Bay

Virgin beach, 240 meters long and 20 meters wide approximately. Its slope is moderate, as is its swell. The sand is white and fine textured. The water is warm, crystal clear with green and bluetones. It is recommended for those who seek peace and quiet and for the practice of any type of water sport. In holiday seasons there are sea food and soft drinks on sale.

Maguey Bay

Maguey Bay This beach is quiet due to the tranquility of its waters. It has a length of 500 meters and its width varies between 20 and 50 meters. Of fine sand, the water is crystal clear, with green and blue tones and warm temperature. The waves are extremely gentle in the Far East and moderate in the west.

To get to Organ and Maguey Bays from Santa Cruz beach, you can take a boat to the west. By land it is recommended to rent a motorcycle or quad bike, as the characteristics of the road make it difficult to reach by car.