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Traveling to Bahías de Huatulco

Chahue Bay

It is a bay of considerable size, one of the preferred places for the construction of condominiums and accommodation under the time sharing modality.

It has 3 beaches with clear waters and surrounded by vegetation. The largest is Chahué Beach, located at the eastern tip of the bay.

Its blue-green waters invite you to take a refreshing dip and the swell is relatively moderate.

Playa Tejón is a beautiful beach due to the change of color from emerald green to turquoise blue due to the variations in depth in a short distance.

The beach is reached through dunes of fine sand and steep undulations.

Near the beach, the predominant vegetation is the mangrove swamp, although some rare species of the tropical flora of the Mexican Pacific can be admired.

Esperanza Beach is the smallest beach in the bay. It is flat, tempered and of a beautiful emerald green color.The swell can become relatively strong, so you should enter the sea with caution.