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Chachacual BAY

The bay of Chachacual is a large ecological reserve (integrated into the National Park) with low and medium jungle vegetation and mangroves with species such as acacia, ficus and mangrove. It has two virgin beaches of extraordinary beauty and totally quiet: Chachacual and India, both are of great beauty, for their pleasant quiet atmosphere and for the vegetation found in the area. Actually, the only access route is by sea, occupying the boat service on Santa Cruz beach.

Chachacual Bay is made up of two beautiful and attractive beaches: Chachacual beach is the main beach of the bay, it is 1,200 m long and its width varies between 30 and 40 m approximately. This beach regularly receives moderates wells. Its slope is strong along the beach. The water is crystal clear, with green and blue tones.

Playa La India is a solitary beach, which due to its physical characteristics is recommended for those who like tranquility. Its sand is fine white with agentle slope. It measures about 350 meters long by 30 meters wide; The water is warm and crystal clear with green and blue tones. Its pleasant atmosphere is achieved with the typical vegetation and its rocky forms.

Its setting is complemented by the vegetation of the lowland jungle, deciduousand mangrove, as well as waterfowl such as: gulls, pelicans, herons, fish (angel, balloon, butterfly, trumpet), dangerous fauna: eels, moray eels, snakes, jellyfish and coral reefs. Less frequently and among the low land jungle are wild birds: chachalacas, andapiés, quails, pigeons, turtledoves, there are also some species of mammals such as badger, armadillo, skunk, raccoon, porcupine, rabbit, wild boarand deer.

Localization Chachacual Bay:

It is located to the southwest of the Bay of Santa Cruz, its access is by boat, with an approximate time of 30 minutes. The boat service can be hired in Santa Cruz.

Chachacual Beach: It is located west of the bay of the same name. Playa La India: It is located to the southeast of the Chachacual bay and to the west of Santa Cruz Huatulco, its access is only by boat, starting from Santa Cruz beach.